Terms & Conditions

We urge you to read Terms & Conditions section before accessing World Web Builder.

Contractual agreement is to be held between World Web Builder and the client before the commencement of the work. The client must agree or accept to the Terms and Conditions that say advance payment is a must before approval for the work.

The website holds intellectual copyright of products and materials, which include original images, content and source code for the particular customer till the payment of the concluding invoice.

Ensure that whatever information you provide (such as layouts, animations, content, images and texts) is hundred percent unique and original. The information should not break copyright rule or does not infringe the law.

For any substantial reason if a client feels that the work done is not at par or is not as per the commitment, World Web Builder.Com will always work in favor of customers. Client can give us a call to discuss their refund request and if there is no acceptable solution for the problem, we will happily refund.

Payment for the work is sought in advance and clients need to stick to the rules once they go through and agree to the website’s terms and conditions. Once the partial payment is done, we will start working on your website design and will accept the final payment once the final website is ready to be delivered and is accepted by our customers.

If World Web Builder is agreed beforehand to provide support after your website (fully functioning) is handed over to you, support can be extended only after an agreed fee is paid. Until your website is under construction, World Web Builder will take care of all kinds of malicious activities, viruses, spyware, etc. affecting your website. We are not accountable for any future site problems caused by illegal actions and activities.